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YGK Takeaway is Kingston's local food and retail delivery solution for small businesses.

Our Story

As a born and raised Kingstonian, Teagan left her full-time job in July 2019 to pursue a career in music. After working hard to release her full-time album and music video, she was set to leave on tour out West in April 2020. We all know what happened next. The pandemic struck and without warning live music became a casualty of the times.

Out of a desire to help local businesses affected by the pandemic, and a necessity to pay rent, Teagan started brainstorming different business ideas to help the Kingston community. After reading about the ridiculously high commission rates that large corporate companies charge to use their delivery platforms, Teagan felt it was time that there was a company that wasn’t charging businesses an ‘arm and a chicken leg’ to deliver their retail and food products. Enter YGK Takeaway. 


YGK Takeaway is Kingston’s local food and retail delivery solution, currently offering Fixed and Restocking Delivery solutions, with online On-Demand and Standard Delivery options launching soon.

Learn more about our services here:


We are always looking for new and exciting ways to help local businesses meet their delivery demands. Let's connect.

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